Monday, September 27, 2010

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an interesting mixture. It has a lot of Italian influence, so everywhere you can find pasta, pizza (but argentinian style) and helados (Italian gelato). The architecture changes a lot depending on the neighbourhood you are in. I am staying with an Argentinian in a very nice flat in a quite wealthy part of Buenos Aires called Palermo. It has tree lined streets which remind me of Germany. We have been out for Parilla (Argentinian grill resturants where you can have every kind of meat you can imagine), watched tango classes, drunk lots of good Argentinian wine and attended a salami party at his friends house. Argentinans are very social and do not sleep because it is more important to see friends. So consequently I am drinking lots of coffee during spanish classes.
Iglesia Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar
 - a beautiful church in Recoleta, B.A

Palermo, B.A - A nice mix of old and new architecture,
there is some very contemporary design in this
neighbourhood but with an Argentinian twist. Also a great
place for going out!

A beautiful shopping centre in Microcentro
- why can't they all look like this?

An old subway in the Avenida de Mayo - they
have preserved the old trains and the iron
pillars, it is a nice way to travel
Cementario de la Recoleta - the graveyard of the rich
and famous, Evita is here but with a suprisingly small grave
compared to some other less famous people.

Me in front of some huge graves, some of the dead
are immortalized in statues above their graves

A particularly elaborate grave ruined by
my not very exciting coat on the bench