Saturday, April 30, 2011


I arrived here in the dark at 6am which was freezing and hopped on an electric cart taxi which made me twice as cold. Luckily the hostel let me in my room to sleep a couple of hours and when I emerged it was like a different world. The sun was out and people were bustling and selling things. Pingyao is famous for its great adobe city walls and it is lovely walking around with the locals all travelling around on bicycles and it is not as touristy as Lijiang. I had some really filling dumplings which really hit the spot for breakfast ( I think the lady in the shop was suprised I ate all of them) and some local specialties for lunch - delicious date balls and a variety of mushrooms in a delicious sauce with rice. Mushrooms are fantastic in China.

People bustling and selling things among traditional buildings

The hostel where I stayed - traditional courtyard style

The electric carts that were a bit of a chilly way to travel

The famous city walls built from adobe and still standing

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