Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Great Ocean Road

James and I took a tour of the Great Ocean Road which was really beautiful. We saw kangeroos, koalas and parrots as well as stunning coast line and we heard great sea stories. The weather started off a bit miserable but we were lucky and the sun soon came out and the part of the Great Ocean Road that had been closed due to landslides reopened just in time. We had a really enthusiastic and amusing guide who really made the whole trip quite special.

The Great Ocean Road begins here!

That's where we are going, still a bit miserable weather

The sky has got some blue in it finally!

A Koala!

Another Koala

Me and a parrot

Another parrot

More great views

Me at Apollo Bay (beach behind the trees)

A small part of rainforest that we visited. It is a temperate forest which means it does not get as hot and steamy and has different plant varieties to a tropical rainforest

This tree must have grafted itself onto another as it appears to have roots in mid-air

Very tall these trees

The twelve apostles (or what used to be twelve)

Me and James at Loch Ard Gorge

A bit further along, beautiful coastline

London Bridge, it used to connect but that part fell down, London Bridge is falling down....

Our very enigmatic guide! She was great!

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