Saturday, January 22, 2011


After my flight delay, James met me in Sydney and I had a whistlestop tour then straight off to Perth where we stayed with friends. We had an great time on New Year's at a house party, spent mostly in a spa! Then we visited Freemantle, fish and chips is great here. Bon Scott's  (ACDC) grave is also here so of course we had to take photos by his statue. We managed to get good tickets to see Andy Murray beat John Isner at the Hopman Cup in Perth, bit of fluke, we were going to get cheap tickets but someone sold us their not needed much better tickets for the same price. We went out to Rottnest Island on our friends boat which was awesome. Just jumping off the boat into the sea was an amazing feeling. I want to do it again! There were dolphins and apparently there was one just by me while I was kneeboarding but I was concentrating on staying up too hard to notice! I have never seen the sunset over the sea so we went back to Cottesloe beach to see that. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

Me and Bon Scott

James and Bon Scott


Our uber luxurious accommodation


Me on our friend's boat

Rottnest island where we sailed to

A Quokka native to Rottnest Island

Me attempting to kneeboard and succeeding eventually

Caught James doing quite well at it!

There he is

And there he isn't

James Bond or what?

Could I be any happier?

Black swans

Cottesloe beach which we visited on the only cloudy day

We watched Andy Murray play tennis at the Hopman cup

Here he is taking a serve

Here is (still not smiling) after he won the game

Cottesloe beach again at sunset

We are on the west coast so you can see really great sunsets

And the sun has fallen off the earth, amazing!

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