Saturday, October 30, 2010


After crossing the Andes by bus into Chile I arrived 8 hours later in Puerto Montt (or Muerto Montt (Dead Montt) as the locals refer to it). It was really just a place to pass through quickly, which I did, I hopped on the ferry to Chiloé which was quite beautiful. You can see the Andes in the distance and I saw penguins bobbing past the boat. Then another bus ride brought me to Castro, where I met Blanca´s son who showed me around and found me a good and very cheap hostel with a sea view. Seafood is wonderful here. I had fresh salmon right at the port where they were bringing it in off the boats. Even smoked salmon tastes like its just jumped onto your plate. After seeing the sights of Castro, I took a bus to Ancud where I had Curanto al Hoyo (a kind of stew with clams, mussels, pork, sausage and chicken) it was absolutely delicious, I think sea food will never be the same again for me. It was a brief visit but I am really glad I had a chance to see Chiloé. It is full of history of mythical sea creatures and years of independence before finally joining Chile following the earthquake in 1960 which destroyed most of Ancud. It apparently also always rains which is why it is so green, but I was very lucky and had two whole sunny days.
Los Palifitos (houses on stilts that, you can moor your boat right at your door!)

Inside the UNESCO church in Castro with its timber panelling

Outside the church in Castro

Chiloé is really green because of all the rain they get

Fishing boats

A steam train

A new museum in Castro, interesting architecture, very Chiloé but suprisingly modern

Ancud, where I sampled Curanto Al Hoyo in a restaurant called Kuranton

A penguin in flight! I was so excited to see them
The view from my hostal bedroom

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