Monday, October 18, 2010

Natural Construction in El Bolson

This is the cabaña (used as a shed) but it shows
the construction of La Casita, with bottles in pallets

You can see the finish with the cob mix here

And here is the option with straw in the pallet

This is the house or a friend of Blanca´s. It is not yet finished. It is made
of earth bricks. They will render it using a mixture of milk, mud clay and
horse manure. This is apparently the permaculture method.

A close up of the adobe bricks with a kind of cob mix
used as mortar

This is the house of Blanca´s son. He built this with the help of
volunteers (WWOOFERS mostly) over 4 years. About 4 or 5 people
were needed to work on it every day. Again it is a wooden post
frame with a cob mix between, but with a stone plinth. It is very artistic
with lots of glass artwork in the windows.

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