Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hike up Pilquitron in the Andes

On Thursday last week, Evie, Pierrette and I took a hike up to the top of Pilquitron. Unfortunately the summit was too covered in snow, so we nearly made it! The views were fantastic ( see below) and the hot chocolate at the Refugio near the top was amazing. Also I tried Torta Galesa (welsh cake). This is a fruit cake with a chocolate topping which is made by the small pocket of welsh people in Patagonia. I am not going there unfortunately, but apparently they speak welsh! We left at 8am and were back by 5pm with a nice break at the top so, if even if the summit was passable, it would have made it a very long day. About 45 minutes before the refugio is a wooden sculpture park, where each year in the summer, people come up and make a festival out of making more wood carvings.

The view halfway up

Evie and Pierrette at the entrance to Bosque Tallado
(Wooden sculptures)

Mama Pucha - she looks scary!

Another sculpture

A pig!

A mountain cat

The summit is still all the way up there...

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