Friday, December 17, 2010

An interesting group of houses I found in Copacabana

I thought at first these might be another type of my case study house but they turned out not to be. They are quite interesting though. They are holiday lets. The owner is a German plastic sculptur who obviously enjoys creating artistic buildings too. I asked the manager if they needed much maintenance. Turns out the adobe bricks are clad in cement render so the adobe can´t breathe but there is no external maintenance required. They don´t really have a damp problem in Copa because it rains so little, so perhaps that is not an issue here. However when they mixed cement with the adobe in Lak´a Uta it did not go so well and there are horrible marks on the ceiling from damp. There was an open window on one of the houses (the others appeared to be occupied) so I was able to take a few photos through the window.

The view ( and pig) from below

A very round house

Another interesting shape with a great view, see below

Inside the only squarish house in the collection

Another view inside through the window

I like the use of organic wood forms, very homely

Nice gallery, means you could see the lake from your bed

Nice views from this house

The squarish house timber framework exposed like in El Bolson
Front view of the squarish house

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