Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Machu Picchu and soggyness

It was pretty foggy at 4.30am in the morning at Machu Picchu but it just gave the place more magic. It kind of drifted in and out of the clouds. Later me and Dianne climbed Wayna Picchu which was really steep and a complete river on the way down. The rock steps were really slippy and it was pretty scary clinging on to the side of the mountain edge and inching your way down. The drop was incredible, when you could see it in between the rain clouds of course. I got completely drenched on the way back down and didn´t have enough time (or space) to put on my waterproof trousers before it really threw it down. There was a moment when I contemplated putting on my waterproof trousers on a ledge ´well that Clare had very dry legs when we found her at the bottom of the mountain´.

Some random Inca facts; the Inca king had lots of wives and around 300 children, but his most important wife was his sister as they wanted to keep the bloodline within the family. There were some mutants born I think. There was a stone in the observatory part that pointed North. It is apparently exactly correct.

Machu Picchu in the clouds
You can see here the Inca´s made a mistake when positioning the window. They first put it to the right but it did not face exactly East so they moved it left a bit. That´s why there are two extra stones sticking out to the right of the window. See even the Inca make mistakes!

I think this was a tomb, it is hard to remember things said to you so early in the morning!

The temple of the sun

Another cloudy shot


Me feeling a bit cold

A Falcon. One of the guides gives it cheese so it follows him around every day.

The residential area. Only the king had his own private loo. Everyone else had to go outside.

A steep drop

The beginning of the walk up to Wayna Picchu

This is what lay ahead

Machu Picchu down below

This was a bit of tight squeeze up to the highest point

These are the lazy man inca steps, they made these when it would be too difficult to maintain proper steps between terracing

On my way back to Cusco leaving Aguas Calientes train station

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