Friday, December 10, 2010

Un poco mas La Paz

I came back to La Paz after visiting my case study and visited Jaime once more, this time I remembered to take a photo! I also visited La Cupula de adobe which is an adobe theatre designed by Gernot Minke who is a really famous adobe architect from Germany. I managed to sneak in behind two Bolivian students but then was severely told off when asking to be let out again! Not much the guard could do once I was in though except let me out again. Apparently its a security issue to take photos of it, I have no idea why. I thought I would show you some photos of the food I have been eating as well.

The park on Simon Bolivar, the only bit of green space I found

La Cupula de Adobe by Gernot Minke

Inside, the adobe bricks make a good acoustic and aesthetically pleasing surface

Me and Jaime Ayra my Lak´a Uta case study contact who was so helpful to me and gave me reams of information, fantastic!

Humintas, corn cake steamed inside corn leaves in the oven, delicious

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