Friday, December 24, 2010

Islas Ballestas

Penguins! This is mostly what I came here to see. It is a not so exciting version of the Galapagos islands that I do not have time or money to visit. It was very beautiful and lovely to see birds and sea lions so close up. Nearby is the town of Pisco where they invented Pisco (a kind of brandy/rum) but the Chileans would argue that they invented it. I wish we had penguins in Britain.

Nice view with a pisco sour

Peruvian pelicans

Nobody is sure what this means or who did it, there are no traces of human remains near here. It has remained as a ´candelabra´ or ´cactus´ for years because there is no rain here.

Humbolt penguins, so called because of the cold humbolt current they like around here

Eroded arches

There is a very lonely penguin to the right of this photo, he seemed to be looking for his friends

I could move, but I can´t be bothered

Ceviche, this is Peru´s most famous dish. It is raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice. The acid ´cooks´ the fish. It was quite nice, but I think I prefer the cooked version

Flamingos, we were not allowed any closer than this as they are a protected species. They are Chilean flamingos and only have one egg per year. They live for about 80 years.

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