Saturday, December 18, 2010

Isla del Sol

While in Copacabana, I also went for a walk along Isla del Sol from North to South which was beautiful but very hilly (and hilly is very hard at 4100m). The walk ended at the inca steps and terracing which are still cultivated. After the walk and when most of the tourists had left on the afternoon boat, I went for a bit of an explore of the quieter parts with terracing. I saw people walking donkeys, llamas and pigs around, a nice little church and a llama that spat at me. He looked very pleased with himself afterwards. I went for a really nice meal of fresh organic trout overlooking the lake at sunset. The owner of the restaurant only really spoke Aymara with a little Spanish and English, but we got along quite well. He was just finishing renovating his adobe and thatch house/restaurant and just put in the door and the last window as I arrived. A guy camping outside joined me and he turned out to be from England too and had run out of money having spent too much time in more expensive Brazil and Paraguay so kind of fled to Bolivia! I stayed in a nice hostel overlooking the lake. The clouds and light were amazing at this altitude and with no buildings in the way you really feel close to them. What a wonderful place!

The inca steps

It was quite rainy when we arrived but it made some interesting cloud formations

Inca terracing still cultivated today

This was supposed to be an ´energy´ stone so here is everyone trying to feel the energy. I did actually feel some  kind of feeling like electricity so maybe there´s something in it.

Some inca ruins

These inca ruins had about 90 something rooms

The walk across the island

Some inca sculptural piles of stones. There are lots of them in a kind of pattern on this hill. I think they are supposed to signify some kind of link to the sun.

This is the hostel where I stayed

Llama not looking even slightly guilty for having spat on me

A pretty church

Some donkeys (behind are some people who tried to charge me for the photo, that was the only slightly sad thing about the island, children kept running up to me trying to get me to take their photo so they could charge me for it)

More inca terracing

This was the restaurant where I had the best meal of the whole of South America

This was the view in the morning from my hostel before it really rained

Where the boats left from to take me back to Copacabana

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