Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is a really tropical climate. My legs are now unrecognisable from sandfly bites (and other things). Mozzie spray seems to do nothing against these pests, or perhaps it is because I am sweating so much the spray doesn't stick! I took part in a help exchange here (work a few hours a day in return for free board) which certainly improved my DIY skills and I learnt an awful lot about paint. I realised my last bout of painting was when I was 15 and paints have changed a bit since then. Help exchange is a really great way to get to know a place and the people in it a lot better than you would do if you were just a tourist. Seva (my very patient host) took me to a local swimming creek which was blessed relief from the heat (English people are just not meant to be in the tropics). She also showed me a bat colony hanging from trees and some wallabies hopping around, one with a joey. Cairns is a nice, friendly relaxing kind of place, shame the insects were not so friendly!

I stayed in Gordonvale just outside of Cairns which had a mountain backdrop

The esplanade, a swimming pool right on the coast and in the town centre

The coast

A papaya tree in Seva's garden

Seva's house, that she has extensively renovated and extended

Nice kitchen with verandah beyond for eating outside

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