Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quy Nohn

After an overnight train ride (quite comfortable apart from the air con set to freezing and then abruptly to boiling) I arrived in Quy Nohn which was so hot I was a sweaty mess in seconds. The beach is quite lovely with the mountains behind and I visited two really stunning Cham towers. I also ate a hot pot of mixed seafood which was so fresh the fish were still swimming in tanks. Oh, and I also saw two Vietnamese barefoot runners, it's catching on folks!

The beach front

The view from a rooftop bar

Yet another pagoda

The Cham towers. These were used as temples when the Champa were around in 2nd to 15th centuries (only around 100,000 cham people still exist in Vietnam and most are muslim). Originally they were Hindu from Indian influences.

Another view of one of the Cham towers


Beach view towards the end of the day

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