Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Great Australian Architects!

Lindsay also talked to me a lot about the work of Glenn Murcutt, Peter Stuchbury and Richard Laplastrier. Their work is absolutely fascinating and a lot of it relatively unknown in the UK. You can find out more about their and Lindsay's work on . In addition two of these fascinating architects; Peter Stuchbury and Richard Laplastrier will be coming to London at the RIBA to deliver a talk on 24th May 2011. This will be really worth attending as it is a rare chance to see some world class Australian architects in the UK.

Peter has won some 39 Australian Institute of Architects awards and has exhibited internationally though not yet in the UK. He approaches sustainability in a natural and simple way often using passive strategies. But combined with gorgeous details, these buildings manage to look both contemporary and happy in their setting. Below are some images taken from the Ozetecture website of his work:

Richard Laplastrier is a bit of a philosopher and will be a fascinating speaker. He explores existence and shelter and about 'how much do we really need?'. His work reflects this and has a lightness of touch, perhaps similar to the aboriginal method of hardly building at all. Below are some pictures of his work taken from the Ozetecture website:

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