Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some final thoughts on PNG

Along this trip I have often thought how I have been really lucky that things have just fallen into place. One of the places where I have been particularly lucky has been PNG. Thanks to Nick who organises the cultural development unit, I was able to stay in the mining camp and use the office facilities, a real benefit to someone traveling without a laptop! I really learnt a lot about Lihir Island through talks with him and literature given to me. Also Patrick and Stanislaouse were a great help in organising my field work. I met many friendly and interesting people on the camp including Arthur who was a great training partner and kept me laughing every evening. There were also many stories about people's experiences in PNG off the island, which included being shot at and mugged. There was also an attempted rape on Lihir itself, though arguably this still makes it a lot safer than London! I was probably most worried about visiting this country over all the countries I have visited and it has been by far the most rewarding. It's definitely worth jumping right in sometimes!

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