Monday, February 7, 2011

East Coast Australia

After Sydney and James' departure back to the UK, I took a bus ride up the East Coast to Brisbane. First stop was Port Macquarie a nice little town with a sea front and a Glenn Murcutt exhibition. Next I stayed at Byron Bay, filled to the brim with surfers and then onto Brisbane where I had a whirlwind tour of all the main sites thanks to Jesse an architecture student, who Lindsay put me in touch with. I was lucky with my timing as Brisbane was just recovering from severe flooding which would have prevented access to the town centre. It was amazing walking around and seeing how high up the floods were (some as high as door heads) and how fast the clean up operation had been.

A small place called Tuncurry, not much of a place but an awful lot of water

Glenn Murcutt exhibition

"Works of architecture are discovered, not designed"

"The central design issues of architecture are; humans and their history and culture; space; light; how things are put together; and responsibility to the land"

Port Macquarie sea front

More seafront

Byron Bay

Byron bay, I had never seen waves as big as these before coming here, the surfers were enjoying it

Out sunbathing

Brisbane town centre, roofing structure designed by BVN architecture. It creates essential shade from the strong sun and a meeting place in the centre

A 'Queenslander' type house on stilts. Most people have filled in the bottom now to create more rooms or a garage

Example of a Queenslander house filled in underneath

A modern take on the traditional Queenslander

A sunken boat following severe flooding

The Brisbane River

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