Tuesday, November 30, 2010

La Paz (3250m - 4100m above sea level)

La Paz is very intense. It is full of people, fumes, food markets, more people and more fumes. No one cares about bumping into you seeing as this happens about 50 times a day. No English politeness here. It is also full of tourist police signs saying look out for fake taxi drivers who invite their mates into the car to rob you and also look out for fake friendly tourists/bolivian girls who will do the same and don´t get into a minibus because you will be robbed. So you would think that it wouldn´t be much fun, but actually it´s so crazy here it actually is quite fun. I´m sure my lungs will thank me when I leave though. Also I did get into a minibus and nobody robbed me.

View from the bus arriving into La Paz from above

Another view from the bus

The street where my hotel is (under re-construction)

One of the many markets, there is also a witches market but I am afraid to take photos there

Basilica San Fransisco a mixture of spanish and mestizo styles due to half of it collapsing in snow. It is 16th century. There are stone pillars symbolising Tiwanaku, Inca and modern themes.

Presidential palace in Plaza Murillo

The cathedral in Plaza Murillo

A street leading down to Plaza San Fransisco

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