Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I took an overnight bus to get here. The colonial buildings here are beautiful and the Jesuit Manzana is amazing. It has a real studenty feel here, it´s quite friendly with lots of stuff going on. I tried Locro for the first time ( a meaty stew with corn) which was tasty but a bit greasy for me. I also visited a museum (Museo de la Memoria) set in an old detention centre that the military used during it´s dictatorship to torture political opposers and intellectuals into giving them information (or just for fun until they died it seems). They also ´reassigned´ their children to less politically contraversial figures. It was very harrowing, especially looking at the size of the cells with no windows and the writing on the walls. There were many detention centres in Cordobá and the fact that this all happened in the 70´s is quite shocking.

Inside Palacio Ferrerya (1914) in Louis XVI style. Converted into an art museum.

I thought this was like the thinker but with some very sad thoughts

Nice paintings

Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de los Capuchinos (1928-34). Gothic style. It has no steeple to signify human inperfection

Paseo del Buen Pastor built in 1901 as a combined chapel/monastery/women´s prison. Now a culture centre, behind is the gothic church above.

A nice plaza behind the cathedral, I really like the purple trees

The cathedral began construction in 1577 but was finished over 2 centuries by Jesuits and Franciscans so its a mixture of styles.

Inside the cathedral

Lovely paintings on the ceiling by a Cordobán artist

Inside the university in the Jesuit Manzana ( I pretended I was a student)

Jesuit Manzana (Jesuit block) is a whole block consisting of a chapel, a church and a university built by the Jesuits in the 1600´s.

Inside the Museo de la Memoria

This says something like ´I told them I knew how to swim but they insisted on teaching me with my head´ ( a reference to waterboarding)

Another part of the Museo de la Memoria, I thought it was very well presented

Beautiful colonial balconies and details. It´s all still timber panelling (I knocked to check)

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