Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tupiza, Bolivia

View from the Corazón de Jesus Mirador point. Tupiza is surrounded by rocky hills
After crossing the border into Bolivia which wasn´t as busy as I expected, I arrived by bus in Tupiza. The bus travelled through interesting landscapes (its like the wild west) and through a tunnel cut into one of the many cerro´s. It´s 2950m here but I have not had any problems, even when I went running. Hopefully altitude sickness will not affect me. On my last night in Tupiza there was a celebration for the university entrants, which involved 140 different dance troups and bands walking round Tupiza pretty much all night (did not get much sleep that night). It was good to see everyone dancing though. The young people don´t seem to wear traditional dress even for a celebration like this one.

The cathedral in the main plaza

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