Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eco-sol no.2

This house is designed based on a kind of wave in a plan. It felt really comfortable when I visited and kind of flowed. Instead of moving from one box to another you moved in a more natural way through the house, perhaps how you would if there were no walls. It is constructed of light-straw-clay which originates as a construction system from Germany, though it also has roots in Africa. It is a system whereby you start with a timber frame which you then pack tightly with straw. Following this you pour a liquid clay earth over the straw. Then you finish with a breathable render and plaster system. You can also see this system in La Casita in El Bolson in a previous blog entry, but in that case they used pallets (recycled) and did not pack the straw in very tightly (and sometimes they even used bottles) which is why, I think La Casita was not so efficient thermally. Back to this house, Daniela´s mum seems very happy in her home and was describing to me how they found the recycled hardwood windows which are beautiful. She has painted the interior white and it feels quite traditional in style compared to Daniela´s more contemporary house. So while the concept of the house design is not traditional it really suits the way she wants to live because it flows. The house occasionally feels too hot, which Daniela thinks is due to not putting in roof vents. I think you can really see the learning process and new ideas in the portfolio of Eco-sol projects.
View from the bedroom to the kitchen

You can see the curve of the space

The kitchen

You can kind of see the ´wave´ plan through the trees

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