Sunday, November 7, 2010


Eco-sol is a small architecture practice specialising in natural and ecological design. It is Daniela´s design work combined with Dallas´s ideas and construction management (and carpentry skills). Dallas first arrived in San Juan de Pirque 3 years ago to start building his and Daniela´s house. He then moved in 6 months later to finish. All the family moved in 6 months later, so I suppose the build only took about a year. Daniela designed the house on their honeymoon, so it is kind of her dream house, designed based on her experience in the US and Canada and also in Chile. They struggled a bit to find builders who understood how to build with straw bales here in Chile. The house has survived the earthquake well, though there are cracks in the mud/clay/manure/flour/water render and plaster, some of these are quite beautiful and they have decided to make a feature of them by painting the wall in a bright colour. It is easy to repair cracks in the cladding however with some more of the mud/clay/manure/flour/water mixture. The house is very contemporary and is based on a central living space with bedrooms at each end. This makes family life very comfortable because children can be easily monitored. Though it is quite modern, it does not feel cold like some more minimalist house designs. I think this is due to the natural materials. I really like the timber work in the main space (below photo) especially how the steel cable extends to the opposite wall post, creating lateral strength but also an opportunity to hang pictures and children´s creations.

The mountains behind the house

The east elevation

A workshop created this Gaudi style lizard

Passive solar - this facade faces north

Daniela left a small glimpse of the straw at the doorway
I think this fence is really beautiful at the entrance to the house

One of the cracks caused by the recent earthquake

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