Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Pedro de Atacama

A nice cafe interior

Some round adobe brick buildings I passed
I am in the desert!
I visited the geysers (steaming bursts of water visible at sunrise at 4320m altitude at -10 degrees) which was stunning but freezing. I paddled in a natural thermal spring rich in minerals and on the way back we saw guanaco`s, vincuña`s and llama`s. We also stopped at an old village that had houses built using stone and a clay/earth mortar and a timber framed roof with straw.
I took lots of pictures of adobe buildings. It´s quite nice what they have done with some of the buildings in San Pedro, but there are a lot of concrete buildings too.

My hostel, very un-authentic concrete block

Some adobe brick building going on

Unfortunately concrete going up as well

Iglesia San Pedro 17th century colonial church

Ceiling is made of cardón (cactus wood)


Museo Gustavo le Paige octagonal shaped building, with interesting artefacts well preserved in the desert climate. The Paleo Indian mummies were removed though, at request of the Atacameño people

Houses here 6000 years ago looked like this

The main plaza

The geysers at dawn

Boiling the milk and eggs for our breakfast in a geyser

A geyser spurted up right in front of me

The thermal bath

Me feeling very small (and cold)

River in the geyser field



vicuñas in the distance

A llama with earings

Machuca village and the church

Llama kebab, yum

A stone house with clay/earth mortar

So cute!


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