Sunday, November 28, 2010


I arrived here after a rather dramatic bus journey, where I managed to get off the bus at 12.30am in the wrong town! I asked 3 different Bolivian´s if this was Oruro and they all agreed it was and it wasn´t until I asked a shop keeper where my hotel was (and he was struggling to find any roads he knew on my map) that I discovered that this was not Oruro. By which time of course, my bus had vanished. Luckily a couple of nice bus drivers let me on their bus and they flagged me a taxi on the edge of Oruro to take me to my hotel. I arrived at 2.30am and the hotel owner let me in! Phew! For some reason everyone likes to travel at night here, even though bus drivers have a reputation for drink driving at night and thefts occur but that´s why I ended up on the night bus in the first place. Oruro itself is not terribly exciting, its more of a workers town, but the surrounding countryside is supposed to be good so I intend to come back after visiting my case study (it´s between Oruro and La Paz).

The plaza in Oruro

The cathedral, not really beautiful

Some quite nice architecture

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