Saturday, November 13, 2010

San Pedro de Atacama take 2

Sorry, but I will have to bore you with more photos, there was just too much to see!
I went on a tour of the stars, where you get ferried deeper into the desert, away from light pollution to see the stars in the best possible situation. Because I am in the Southern Hemisphere, the crescent moon forms a smile. It was a really fascinating talk and we could look through telescopes, so I have seen Jupiter, the tarantula nebula (it wiggles!), the red star and the moon really close up. Also the astronomer guide was quite funny about astrology, saying that the original people who named the constellations in the zodiac must have been on something as they don´t really look like anything (for instance capricorn - a goat with a fish tail hmmm) though taurus really does look like a bull´s head. He also thinks that stars that are 1000´s of light years away don´t really care about our daily lives. He also talked about the changing theories about why there are crater´s on the moon and why there is water on the earth.
I have even been running in the desert. In fact I have been running everywhere in my 5 fingers from city streets to rocky mountain passes and now in the desert. Its a really great way to see things faster than walking. This time I remembered my camera so the pictures are below.

My run in the desert

My five fingers are a bit dusty now

Pukará de Quitar a fortress built by the Atacameños but the Inca´s used it as well when the conquered San Pedro de Atacama

The view into the valley, you can just see the river

San Pedro is in the distance and you can see the road I ran along

The moon! Taken through a telescope by Alain the french astronomer

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