Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lahuachaca (again) and Sica Sica

I decided to make a return trip to Lahuachaca (3800m above sea level) to see if I could find out if there were any other houses I could visit in the area of the Lak´a Uta type and where exactly they were. When I arrived at Centro Lak´a Uta though, Eurofrasio was not there and the guy who was filling in for him did not think there were any houses that would be easy for me to visit as they are scattered all over the place. I had also misinterpreted the information that there are 500 of such type houses in Sica Sica when actually there are in Sica Sica the muncipality which is why they are scattered everywhere. Anyway I decided to go to Sica Sica (4700m above sea level) in any case as there is a beautiful church and it is on my way back to La Paz. While I was wandering around Centro Lak´a Uta again I noticed the door to the building used for agricultural seminars was open so I investigated and have now got photos of the inside of that building and another interview with the people who were working there. Not bad for an hours stop on the way to La Paz! In Sica Sica I met some friendly people during my delicious al muerzo of lamb, rice and salad and soup. They were asking me all about my trip and I told them the al muerzo here was much better than in Lahuachaca (it wouldn´t be difficult). I am now in La Paz and will be off to Copacabana soon on the shores of Lake Titicaca. I have found another Lak´a Uta type building there in the shape of an ecolodge, so guess where I will be staying!

The agricultural seminar building, the lady working there thought it was ugly, but nice and warm even when it was freezing outside in Winter

Inside the building

A Sica Sica street, you can see a brick facade halfway down the street but with adobe sides. This is to give the impression of wealth as adobe brick is a cheaper material. This is part of the vernacular around here.

The rubbish tip with some adobe buildings behind, rubbish is everywhere

Another example of local vernacular

Sica Sica church ( 18th century)

View across the Plaza in Sica Sica

This building is so ugly I had to take a photo of it


  1. Blow me Clare! Have you really cycled all that way? Research ummm I'm seeing kitsch not vernacular architecture. Happy Christmas Dominic Kramer

  2. Hi Dominic, Ha ha, did you miss the Santiago houses, definitely no kitsch there. Happy Christmas to you too.

  3. Hi Clare,
    I am interested in making a trip to Bolivia for the same subject. Please help with local contact